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Rehab Tricks & Tour

Finding deals

  Walk thru real properties

Estimating repair costs

Learn to save time, money, fix the RIGHT things, and not over do it!

Brad has rehabbed over 400 houses, from major to minor. Learn from the pro.


In the Classroom:  Finding & dealing with contractors, discounts, what to avoid, estimating repairs, inspection forms, virtual tour of Lowes for the right products and tools, fast painting tips, spray guns, texture gun, what kind of flooring, light fixtures, cabinets, faucets, colors, granite, curb appeal, quick fixes   In the Field; we’ll jump in the car and go tromp thru real project houses, work up sample estimates, so bring sturdy shoes, flashlight, no good clothes, ready to learn! Includes lunch.

Please call 812-376-3500 with questions or for more Info.  

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Sat, Feb 25th,  in Columbus IN; 9am-4pm, (*This one class will be at the Bakalar Air Museum by the fighter jet on display, 4742 Ray Boll Blvd)


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SEM Landlord Skills Handbook cover

Landlord Skills

                        -More Profit, Less Stress

Basic to Cutting Edge Advanced

A lease that WORKS





Trained, confident, equipped landlords ALWAYS make more money and have less stress!  Newbies, pros, and wanna-be landlords will all learn how to be a happy, wealthy landlord.  Basics:   Prep the home so they call YOU, advertising, phone-screen in 60 seconds with 3 questions, no more no shows, see your house 2 years in the future, Lease clauses with teeth, K.I.S.S. recordkeeping,  Brad’s 5 GOLD-en Rules.  Advanced:  More PROFIT from your existing homes, Get them asking to pay you more, Lease clauses that put the law on YOUR side, TAKE the rent from their bank account, Tax free rent for life, Never pay for carpet shampoo again, Business entity – LLC? Corp? Trust?   Make triple rent when they move out early, PayDayPlans,  (70% of our new leases choose this!)  Brad’s  CYA Mold Crusher and Bedbug Stomper form, Never lose a skipper.

Tons of forms.  Seminar handbook includes a set of  Indiana Landlord/Tenant laws. Includes  lunch.

Please call 812-376-3500 with questions or for more Info.

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Columbus IN:

Sat, April 29nd, 9am-4pm

Columbus Airport, 4770 Ray Boll Blvd, Columbus IN 47203


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      Painless Evictions- get them out NOW!SEM Painless Evictions cover sheet 11-13

How to Win in Court (Without saying a Word)

Get Deadbeats Out Fast!

Settle outside of court for the full amount

Garnishments and Body Attachments (arrested!)





A class for landlords – teaching eviction AND collecting your money. Take the mystery out of court. Gotta know “the system” better than the “users”- Make court work for YOU! Get the law on YOUR side! Settle out of court with Brad’s Move Out Agreement form, Stop liars cold, get the judge to tell ’em “take a hike!”, left over junk, settle outside of court AND still garnish their paycheck, body attachments (arrest warrants), Lease clauses with teeth, Simple forms to make you look professional and trustworthy, hit their credit report without court, warn other landlords (without being sued for slander).  You’ll know more about real life eviction than most attorneys!  Tons of forms.  Seminar handbook includes a set of Indiana Landlord/Tenant laws. Includes lunch from Hanger 5.



Next Class:

Columbus IN:

     Sat, April 22nd, 9am-4pm,

Columbus Airport, 4770 Ray Boll Blvd, Columbus IN 47203


Reserve your seat NOW! Classes are filling up fast!


Tax Free Income for Life!

200338535-001Pay tax on the seed, not the harvest.  I used my Self Directed Roth IRA to invest in real estate which gives me tax free cash flow  income that can be willed to my children and grandchildren.  Compound interest without being taxed at each step.

This is not a solicitation for funds, no offers will be presented, and is for people    who know me.


Next Class:                        Date and time to be determined.  Ask to be added to the mailing list.


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Instructor:        Brad Grayson             aka BRAD 20,000          has a passion for helping landlords.

39 years experience, 20,000++ rent checks, 300+ court evictions, 2,000+ court appearances, President Bartholomew Co Landlord Assoc. A nationally known author and speaker calls Brad “one of the top landlords in the country”.  Brad is a Certified Professional Landlord Mentor and was ranked Top Speaker at the National Landlord Convention.



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___ Rehab       Feb 25th, Sat 9a-4p          $199 advance/$250 at door             ___+$75 Partner or repeat = $_______Total


___ Landlord Skills April 29th, Sat 9a-4p  $199 advance/$250 at door           ___+$75 Partner or repeat = $________Total


___ Evictions  April 22nd, Sat 9a-4p                   $199 advance/$250 at door          ___+$75 Partner or repeat = $________Total

___ Three Seminars Deal                       $499 (save $98) advance              ___+$199 Partner or repeat = $______Total