Landlord Association


“Working together to provide quality housing for the community.”
3129 25th Street #202

Columbus, Indiana 47203
Phone 812-376-3500

President- Brad Grayson
Treasurer- Cathy Grayson

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About BCLA:

Bartholomew County Landlord Association is the largest and longest running local organization supplying housing and related information. Our aim is to help landlords and property managers get the information they need to serve the community’s housing needs and protect their investments. BCLA has been actively meeting every month, for many years, to address these issues. Members include private landlords, property managers, realtors, suppliers, attorneys, CPA’s, and others. Your membership is vital as we work with community leaders to address housing concerns.


Doxpop online court records, $5 credit reports, eviction attorney program, guest speakers…

“The hail damage session saved me thousands of dollars!”
“I saved $800 on one project with the BCLA discount.”
“I urge every landlord to get connected to keep up with the changes.”
“We want the input from the Landlord Association” (Local politician)
“I did exactly what was taught and got my deadbeat out FAST!”
“That one tip increased my income by $560 on one house!”


Professional association membership fees are a deductible business expense.

Members are using Doxpop & credit reports more often, catching deadbeats BEFORE they move in!

Renew online or mail a check.

Heavy Doxpop users will be contacted about a commercial rate. 

New Member / Prospect Orientation:  Following our regular meeting, anyone interested is invited to stay for a short, 30 minute orientation on what BCLA offers and how to take advantage of BCLA resources & discounts – Doxpop online court records, $6 credit reports, eviction attorney program, handbook forms, beginner Q&A 

Membership:  $65 per calendar year (deductible business expense), made out to BCLA, and a completed registration form.  New members receive a large notebook of forms worth more than the membership fee, full of info geared to Bartholomew County, Doxpop online court records, $6 credit reports, attorney program, discounts on paint and materials, contractor referrals, mailings, and email updates. Replacement Books are $50.

Enroll online at    Heavy Doxpop users may see additional cost.

Monday lunch:  Sirloin Stockade, Hwy 31 next to Kroger.  Noon, every Monday except holidays.  Come as you are!

No program, just fellowship, swap ideas, help each other, and yak.  Newbies and questions welcome!  Ya gotta eat!

Monthly Meeting:  Normally, we meet on the second Saturday of each month with guest speakers or topical discussions.

Please mark your calendars.  Work clothes are OK.  Learn how to protect your RE investment and improve your profit.

Location:  Columbus Municipal Airport, Large Meeting Hall. 4470 Ray Boll Blvd, Columbus, IN. Fly in to Bakalar Or drive north on Central Ave, follow the bend to the right, then left on Ray Boll Blvd.


Email list:
Add your email address to the BCLA list. Send an email via the CONTACT US button on the Grayson Management home page.

Monthly Session:

Come Early to eat Breakfast.             Program: 9-10 a.m.       or Stay late and eat lunch
Allow extra time! Saturday mornings are busy! Great breakfast and lunch bar.

Cover Charge Drink only $2.09 with unlimited drinks if don’t want meal

No door fee


Online court records ($300/year value)

$6 credit reports, instantly

Eviction attorney program

Learn how to be more profitable

Big discounts from local suppliers

Learn about tax advantages, extra deductions

Connect with local landlords – gain from their experience

Online courthouse / eviction records – Doxpop – $300/year value

Learn about collections, finding skips

Forms notebook developed for our county

Emails with referrals, news, cautions

Strength in numbers: reps on Housing Task Force, etc.

Tenants can get free attorneys. What are you doing to stay ahead of them?

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Fair Housing laws, lead based paint laws, building codes, and health codes apply to landlords with 1 or 1,000 units.

Many laws are not logical; some are urban legends. Fines are huge.

Locate contractors

Monthly training

Weekly lunch bunch


Past Programs include:

Eviction Judge


Police Chief


Tax Assessor


State Law Maker

Building Inspector

Prepping a property for renting

Advertising your rental

Showing your rental

Applications – legal questions to ask

Screening applicants

Connecting to the Courthouse computer from your home

Reading credit reports


Basic furnace, air conditioner repair

Dealing with problem tenants

Section 8, HUD


Bookkeeping and taxes made easy – what is deductible and how

Painless Evictions

Small Claims Court procedures

Getting the money after winning in court

Finding skips

Estate planning, asset protection, wills