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Use this page to pay Grayson Property Management.


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(4% processing fee on credit cards and PayPal) Always print a receipt.  NOTE: PayPal uses the generic term “donation” for this type of transaction.  We apply your payment directly to your account, order, or registration.


For payment by check, please use the form below.

This page will allow you to pay any bill to Grayson Management by providing us with the information found on your check. You can select a one time payment or pay on a regular basis. This page uses a secure sever to protect your information.

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In consideration of extending credit, (i.e. unpaid rent, repairs, etc) we
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credit card is denied for any reason you agree to pay a 20% penalty fee.
These terms supersede all other previous verbal or written agreements
between parties. If you do not agree with these terms or lack authority to
accept them, return goods (or vacate property) within 10 days to Point of

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